Qualities To Look For In A Mate

The reasons why people fall in love is a mystery to many people, but the reasons why we should stay in love with someone are far from elusive. Finding your “True Love” can prove to be a challenge, but once you know the attributes to seek in a partner, you will find the right mate. These ideal qualities include:

Respect and independence
Both partners need to feel loved and respected. Relationships thrive where there is respect. Both partners need to feel they can take care of the family, solve problems, and handle different situations. Partners should respect their mate’s opinions and suggestions. Without respect, you will not have a fulfilling relationship.


When two people empathize and understand each other, they will recognize and appreciate their differences and commonalities. They will also be able to communicate with respect and loving feelings towards each other.

Honesty and integrity
Dishonesty betrays vulnerability and shatters the sense of reality. Nothing is more destructive in a relationship than realizing you have a deceptive partner. When someone is involved in infidelity, what hurts most is the blatant deception. That hurts more than the unfaithful act itself. To get an ideal mate, you need to realize the importance of honesty in a relationship. As people say, honesty builds trust between couples.

Finding someone who is receptive and approachable is an essential asset to a lasting relationship. When someone is open-minded and free-thinking, they will express their thoughts, desires, feelings, and dreams. Openness will allow you to know your mate better and it’s also an indication of interest in personal development.

Giving and receiving affection creates room for calmness and kindness in a relationship. An ideal mate is verbally, physically and emotionally affectionate towards his or her partner. He or she should outwardly demonstrate and acknowledge their feelings.

Sense of humor
Add a little sense of humor and maturity to diffuse potentially volatile situations. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Try to find humor in every situation.

In conclusion, you can find a perfect partner, but ideal partners develop themselves in ways that go beyond what we see when we first meet them. The qualities above are not apparent when we meet, but the longer you stay together, the traits become more apparent. Always communicate, listen to each other, and work on your relationship daily. If you combine all of these ingredients, you and your partner will definitely have a lasting relationship. You can and you will find “True Love” but you will always have to nurture your relationship.

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